Plant Tour

Receiving Master Coils From Barge

 Coils Processed by Braner Slitter (1/2'' x 72'')

Coils Received at Sapulpa Plant

Coils Awaiting Processing

4-1/2''-8-5/8'' Nakata Forming Mill

9-5/8''-16'' Mill Weld Station

9-5/8'' - 16'' Pipe Mill /
4-1/2'' - 8-5/8'' Pipe Mill

Finishing Floor

Inline Ultrasonic

Mill Quality Control Lab

FBE Quality Control Lab

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

Victaulic Roll Groove

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Cut to Length Line

Attaching End
Plate to Pipe Pile

Threading Facility

Loading Paragon Truck

Railcar Loaded

Shipping via Barge

Final Inspection by Security

Pipe Storage Facility

Paragon Main Office

Human Relations/
Employee Training Center

Training Classroom