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About Paragon

From a small machine shop with two employees located in downtown Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Paragon Industries, Inc. and Wachob Industries, Inc. have grown to a multi-faceted corporation at its present site east of Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  In 1970, with the oil industry still a major player in Creek County, Jack Wachob purchased Sapulpa Machine and Tool as a service shop where drilling contractors could rent "fishing tools", have a machinist repair a part, or even call a portable welder out to a location 24 hours a day.

Today, Paragon still serves the oil industry, but the customer base has expanded from New York to Montana and from Texas to Canada, including some shipments to South America.

One of only 12 industries of its kind in the United States, Paragon manufactures not only steel pipe used for drilling and pipeline application, but also as structural piling in the building industry.

The manufacturing portion of the business began in December 1981 when the first coil of steel rolled through the line.  Since then, many downstream operations have been added to facilitate the full product lines manufactured today, as well as the construction of a large O.D. pipe mill. This gave Paragon the capacity to product steel tubular goods from 4-1/2" to 16" O.D.

The mill equipment came from a California company and moved to 10 acres along the two-lane Heber Finch Road between Sapulpa and the Okmulgee Beeline.

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There were 25 employees, most of whom moved here with the mill bringing new families to Sapulpa.  Today, Paragon employs approximately 400 Sapulpans and residents from the surrounding areas and supports local organizations.

Construction of a new pipe threading facility with computerized state-of-the-art equipment was completed in 1998.  In July 1999, management and staff moved into the new two-story office building.


In September 2000, Paragon completed a major expansion at the Port of Muskogee.  Keeping abreast of the latest technology, this facility includes a new steel slitting operation which provides Paragon with direct access to truck, rail and barge transportation.


Keeping with the vision of Paragon for improvement and quality performance, several new projects were begun in the year 2001.  They include a new forklift maintenance building, expansion of the threading facility and a new inspection facility.

With these expansions, Paragon not only increased in capacity but also provided many additional job opportunities for the community.

250 Flags to Support Dessert Storm

At the beginning of Desert Storm, in a strong show of support for the United States, Paragon placed over 250 American flags along the Highway 117 property. Paragon continues to fly these flags today.

At Christmas, employees of Paragon place Christmas lighting along the 3/4 mile highway frontage.


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